A Commitment to Compatibility

Cisco fully supports OpenStack APIs, which give developers a RESTful interface to manage their cloud infrastructures. It also supports Amazon Web Services (AWS) APIs. If you're already using popular configuration management and DevOps tools, chances are they're already integrated with OpenStack, which means they'll work with Cisco Metacloud too.

OpenStack APIs have become the preferred open standard for cloud APIs. All of the major tools and libraries natively support OpenStack. If you're coming from another platform, it's often just a matter of changing your deployment target to deploy your app into your new Metacloud availability zone. If you've been using AWS and prefer to keep using a compatible set of APIs, those are built-in as well.


  • Well documented OpenStack APIs – built by developers, for developers
  • AWS compatible APIs for core services
  • Native API support built-in to the automation and tooling platforms you're already using (Chef, Puppet, Salt, Ansible, Fog, libcloud, jclouds, and many more)
  • 100 percent API coverage for computing and storage; no "command line only" or "dashboard only" features

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