Keep Your Cloud Running Smoothly 24/7

Cisco Metacloud is a different kind of private cloud. There's no distribution to download and figure out and no hardware appliance that's quickly out of date. We give you a public cloud experience, privately, and we take care of what's "behind the curtain" so you can build and operate amazing applications.

Your Metacloud availability zones are engineered and remotely operated nonstop from our highly secure operations center. That means we take responsibility for keeping your cloud running all day, every day while your team takes advantage of the real-time hypervisor and OS insights from our dashboard to become great administrators.

Our cloud operations team integrates completely with your change control structure to perform maintenance and deliver updates, while actively monitoring and managing your environment nonstop.


Design and Deployment

We design your Metacloud specifically for your business and application use cases from infrastructure size to network configuration. Once designed, your deployment is typically ready in less than two weeks.


Proactive Monitoring

Our operations experts monitor your cloud 24 hours a day to make sure it’s always running optimally. If they see a problem, they fix it, notify your team, and take steps to prevent problems from recurring.


Effortless Updates

Cloud upgrades should be easy and worry-free. Our unique OpenStack as a Service (OaaS) delivery model makes sure you automatically receive the most up-to-date software patches.


Capacity Planning

Cisco continually analyzes your usage data to project growth rates and offer advice on scaling your cloud. That way you’re always ready to meet the needs of your growing business.



The more your team knows, the more successful your cloud deployment will be. We work hard to train your admins thoroughly and make sure they’re aware of the best practices for running Metacloud.

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