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Automated Software Activation and License Management

Easily manage Cisco IOS Software activation and license management for a wide range of Cisco platforms running IOS as well as other operating systems with the secure client/server application Cisco License Manager. It has an intuitive, easy-to-use interface; automates software activation workflows; and scales for large network deployments. This standalone application does not require any additional network management application for its operations.

The application automatically:

  • Discovers the network
  • Inventories licensed features in the network by securely communicating with Cisco network devices
  • Given a product authorization key (PAK), securely obtains device licenses from the Cisco.com license server
  • Securely deploys the licenses to activate the software features on managed devices

Automation accelerates the deployment of feature licenses and enables you to make advanced services available on your network more rapidly.

Other benefits of the Cisco License Manager include the following:

  • Enhances security using role-based access control
  • Protects business investments by integrating into your existing license or asset management applications
  • Provides detailed reporting capabilities that facilitate audit compliance
  • Helps reduce failure recovery time by deploying licenses stored in its database
  • Automatically retrieves and rapidly deploys all licenses for a given device

Cisco License Manager is available at no cost and can be downloaded by registered Cisco.com users.

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