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Cisco IoT Field Network Director

Get End-to-End Connected Grid Network Management

Transform deployments of Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices with unified network management. Supporting both the broad portfolio of Cisco’s hardened mobile routers and RF-mesh infrastructure, the IoT Field Network Director can enable use cases in transportation, asset tracking, smart metering, and others.

Promotional video overview of IoT Field Network Director. (1:07 min)

Features and Capabilities

Director is a software platform that helps to enable a clear separation between communications network management and operational applications such as distribution management systems, outage management systems, and meter data management in utilities.

Use the software to manage a multiservice network of routers or a combination of routers and endpoint devices deployed with end-to-end security for your specific use case. A smart grid is one example, supporting smart metering or advanced metering infrastructure, distribution automation, distributed intelligence, and substation automation.

The Director is highly secure, scalable, and modular. Its pluggable architecture can enable network connectivity to a multivendor ecosystem of legacy and next-generation IoT devices.

Our Director provides highly secure, fully automated commissioning for:

  • Cisco C800H
  • Cisco 809 and 829 Industrial Routers
  • Cisco 1000 Series Connected Grid Routers
  • IPv6 RF mesh-enabled smart meters and RF mesh range extenders

Other features include:

  • Geographic Information System map-based, visualization, monitoring, troubleshooting, and alarm notifications
  • Zero-touch provisioning for ease of rollout for major customer deployments
  • Group-based configuration management for field area routers and smart meter endpoints
  • Rule-engine infrastructure for customizable threshold-based alarm processing and event generation
  • North-bound API for transparent integration with utility head-end and operational systems
  • High availability and disaster recovery
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