Cisco Intercloud Fabric

Cisco Intercloud Fabric for Providers

Give Your Customers Flexibility and Control

Intercloud Fabric for Providers is ideal for service providers that want to offer hybrid cloud deployment models and be part of the Intercloud Fabric ecosystem.

Build Deeper Relationships and Differentiate Your Services

Customers have many options for public clouds, and Cisco Intercloud Fabric for Providers can give your customers more reasons to choose your cloud services. Your customers can:

  • Extend their workloads into your public cloud, expanding their own data centers while retaining control over both the on-premises operations and the parts of their workloads residing in your cloud
  • Occupy a portion of your public cloud that is dedicated to them as a private cloud, using it as their entire data center; they don't need any on-premises facility

If you are already managing a customer's on-premises data center, extend that data center into your public cloud, which you also manage Cisco Intercloud Fabric for Providers is designed to be versatile. We make it easy for you to structure these different types of services and provide service differentiation.

Cisco Intercloud Fabric software is installed on the provider cloud and integrates with service provider infrastructure.