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NOTE: This product is no longer being sold.

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Deploy Safe and Efficient SAP System Refresh

Automate SAP system refresh and system copy procedures for SAP, including SAP Business Warehouse, with Cisco Intelligent Automation for SAP System Refresh. By automating many of the procedures involved, this service-based solution:

  • Improves business continuity
  • Increases IT productivity
  • Reduces the risk of business disruption

Deploy a Solution Engagement Model

Cisco Intelligent Automation for SAP System Refreshconsists of three phases of service delivery to provide an automated SAP system copy and SAP system refresh solution. You also get the in-house knowledge required to manage automation after the solution is running. To implement this solution, the Cisco team:

  • Works with you to understand your environment
  • Creates and configures the necessary automated procedures
  • Offers a continual improvement program after service delivery

Phase 1: Understanding Your Environment

During this phase, services solution experts explore the architecture and systems that are affected by this service and review existing system refresh procedures.

Phase 2: Creating and Configuring Procedures

Experts create and configure the necessary automated procedures. These experts use:

  • Their extensive SAP domain expertise
  • Their knowledge of best practices
  • Content developed by Cisco to automate system refresh procedures

This content runs on the Cisco Intelligent Automation platform, which helps enable automated performance analysis and operational process capabilities across SAP landscapes (Figure 1).

Phase 3: Continually Improving Procedures

After solution delivery, the expert team works closely with you to maintain and execute system refresh procedures at the highest possible level.

Figure 1 Automation Summary Makes Tracking Easier

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