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NOTE: This product is no longer being sold.

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Automate SAP Tasks

Customize SAP automation to suit the complexity of your specific SAP environment by using Cisco Intelligent Automation for SAP and Automation Packs for SAP Solutions. You can automate SAP administration tasks for:

  • Incident response
  • Task management
  • Corrective actions

You can also orchestrate complex operational processes like system copy for SAP applications.

Features and Capabilities

This product simplifies how you automate SAP tasks because it:

  • Provides preconfigured SAP content through the automation packs
  • Serves as the interface to SAP environments

Therefore, this SAP automation solution frees your SAP administration team to deploy and scale automated activities as dictated by:

  • Business priorities
  • Need for process standardization
  • Compliance and risk mitigation

View Processes in a Broader Context

One major advantage of using this solution to automate SAP administration is how you can view management processes. The automated SAP management processes can be viewed in the context of end-to-end IT processes that span the data center. This broader context, shown in Figure 1 , helps you confidently automate tasks throughout the application service management lifecycle

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Figure 1 shows areas of the landscape that would benefit from automation.

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