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Cisco Industrial Network Director

Get full control of your industrial network

Purpose built for managing industrial networks, the Cisco Industrial Network Director (IND) is designed to help operations teams gain full visibility into the automation network for improved system availability and increase overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

Simplify industrial network management

Reduce downtime

Visualize how automation assets connect to the industrial network. Gain insightful context for troubleshooting issues.

Secure your industrial network

Integrate automation asset identity with security platforms. Bring enterprise-class threat defense capabilities to your industrial network security.

Simplify commissioning

Use plug-and-play functionality to enable machine builders and OEMs to configure machine networks to your specifications.


Dynamic topology of automation and network assets

Use Industrial Network Director to discover automation devices with Common Industrial Protocol (CIP), PROFINET, Modbus, OPC Unified Architecture (OPC-UA), BACnet, Siemens S7, and other industrial communication protocols. Visualize connectivity between automation and networking assets on a dynamic topology map.

Network troubleshooting with automation context

Pinpoint issues and recover quickly from unplanned downtime. Alarms triggered by network events are contextualized with industrial asset visibility.

Network lifecycle management

Get zero-touch switch commissioning, continuous monitoring of switch health and traffic statistics, and switch configuration backup. GUI-driven actions let non-IT operations personnel securely add automation devices to existing network infrastructure.

Network Operations intent-driven security policies

Industrial Network Director integrates with Cisco ISE and Stealthwatch, so IT can define security policies based on the identity and location of industrial assets. With a simple graphical interface, controls personnel can express operational intent and dynamically trigger appropriate security policy updates.

Rich APIs for rapid integration with industrial applications

Take advantage of Industrial Network Director's APIs. Easily integrate network information into existing industrial asset management systems.  Customers and system integrators can build custom dashboards to meet their specific monitoring and accounting needs.

How to deploy Industrial Network Director

Runs on Windows

IND is distributed as Windows executable and installs as a service to seamlessly fit your industrial automation ecosystem.


IND requires a minimum of Quad-Core 1.8 GHz CPU, 8 GB RAM, and 50 GB storage for small deployments and scales up for large deployments with more powerful hardware.


IND is accessed with a web browser and supports a RESTful API for integration with industrial automation systems.