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Cisco Enhanced Device Interface

Cisco Enhanced Device Interface helps increase productivity for end users and application developers alike by simplifying device configuration and troubleshooting. An external implementation of the network element interface, Cisco Enhanced Device Interface offers:

  • An enhanced command-line interface (CLI) for users
  • An XML programmatic interface

An external device interface that supports multiple Cisco operating systems, including Cisco IOS Software, Cisco PIX OS, and Cisco Catalyst OS, the Enhanced Device Interface promotes ease of deployment by:

  • Eliminating the need for upgrades to device operating systems
  • Offering a consistent manner for exchanging management information with devices

Cisco Enhanced Device Interface provides comprehensive device configuration coverage through its ability to “learn” a device’s CLI. This feature makes it possible for Cisco Enhanced Device Interface to serve as a single point of access to network elements, minimizing, and in some cases eliminating, the need to access a device by other means. Ultimately, it helps reduce data synchronization losses between management applications and network elements.
The enhanced CLI user interface delivers a variety of important features:  

  • Comprehensive CLI support
  • Syntax validation
  • Macro CLI
  • Management of multiple network elements from a single location, both individually and as a group

The XML programmatic interface provides a well-defined set of operations based on version 7 of the IETF NETCONF (working group that produces a protocol for network configuration) Internet draft and a supporting data model defined using the XML schema language for management applications to configure Cisco devices.

To evaluate Cisco Enhanced Device Interface software, please contact your Cisco account team.

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