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Cisco Crosswork Network Automation

Transforming mass scale network operations

Plan, design, implement, operate, and optimize your service provider network with Cisco Crosswork Network Automation. Cisco Crosswork is designed to help service providers gain the mass awareness, augmented intelligence, and proactive control for a comprehensive data-driven, intent-based automated network.

Why Cisco Crosswork Automation

Cisco Crosswork Network Automation enables service providers to proactively manage their end-to-end networks, with a suite of machine-learning, intent-based and closed-loop solutions to ensure faster innovation, extraordinary customer experiences, and operational excellence.

On-prem solutions provide actionable insights with automated network orchestration, accelerating mean-time-to-value by monetizing agile new services, as well as minimizing mean-time-to-remediation to avoid network degradation and customer issues. Cisco Crosswork Cloud provides multiple SaaS solutions that provide operational insights and validation of network health and security with the agility and scale of the cloud.

Cisco Crosswork Network Automation is ready for service providers of all sizes with broad or narrow use cases – any device, anytime, anywhere, any format - a truly scalable solution for a 5G world.


Reduction in time to revenue


Labor hours saved


Improvement in mean time to repair


Reduction in operational noise

Telefonica automates multi-vendor networks

Learn how leading operator Telefonica is leveraging Cisco NSO and Crosswork Automation to reduce complexity and improve profitability.

See Cisco Crosswork in action


Service-centric approach to AIOps

Machine learning

A deep look at machine learning

Route leaks and route hijacks

How route leaks and route hijacks affect your network

Crosswork closed-loop network automation

Automate and simplify services across multi-vendor networks

Prepare traditional and virtualized networks quicker and easier with common data collection, multi-vendor APIs, and predictive network planning and analytics. Add, change, delete, and optimize services without disruption in real time. 

Crosswork Network Controller

  • Turnkey solution to end-to-end provisioning and management intent-based networks
  • Intelligent bandwidth controls and visibility

Network Services Orchestrator (NSO)

  • Multi-vendor network orchestration
  • Northbound and southbound control

Data Gateway

  • Common multi-service data collector
  • Integrated data policy controls

WAN Automation Engine (WAE)

  • Precise network modeling
  • Optimize network traffic

Intent-based automation for efficient operations

Proactively manage your end-to-end networks with a suite of machine-learning, intent-based, closed-loop solutions that deliver faster service and operational excellence with real-time KPI monitoring, alerting, troubleshooting, and change management.

Health Insights and Change Automation

  • Immediate network health analysis
  • Closed-loop and automated remediation

Situation Manager

  • Live alert monitoring
  • Noise reduction and alert grouping

Optimization Engine

  • Optimize network paths for efficiency
  • Real-time end-to-end transport network visibility
  • Closed-loop, intent-driven 5G transport optimization

SaaS insights through the Crosswork Cloud

Cloud services that provide signed and encrypted system integrity assessments combined with intuitive visualization, rich analytics, and alerts on actionable network events to affirm trust in your network infrastructure and significantly reduce the mean time to repair of issues.

Network Insights

  • Cloud-based SaaS
  • Network routing analysis
  • Monitor for route leaks or route hijacking

Trust Insights

  • Cloud-based SaaS
  • Ensure devices adhere to trusted Known Good Values (KGVs)
  • Enhanced chain of trust with Cisco hardware

Qualification Environment

  • Cloud-based test automation solution
  • Run pre-defined automation packages or build your own customized test cases
  • Build a Continuous Delivery pipeline and view your network deployment score

Self Organizing Network (SON) for mobility

Extend beyond the RAN to optimize user experiences with a multi-vendor multi-technology (MVMT) SON solution that’s powered by machine learning, real-time user level visibility, and user-centric optimization to predict and address performance degradation.


  • Machine Learning SON
  • Multi-vendor, multi-technology


  • Fast, easy SON app creation
  • Conflict management
  • Enable multiple SON apps

User-centric SON

  • Improve user experience
  • Offer differentiated QoE
  • High quality at any speed

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