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NOTE: This product is no longer being sold and might not be supported.

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Policy Control and Subscriber Data Management

Data transfers over broadband are at an all-time high, and subscriber demand for voice, video, and data applications continues to accelerate. You need a policy management solution that addresses network bandwidth management. You also need application management that gives your subscribers with a customized, personalized experience anytime on any device.

The BNG (Broadband Network Gateway) Service Manager for Cisco Prime is a policy, charging, and subscriber data management solution that enables you to control, monetize, and personalize the service offerings on your broadband network.

Ideal for use in all types of broadband deployments, the solution enables you to deploy network- and application-centric policy technology that accommodates wholesale and retail broadband business models.

With the BNG Service Manager, you can:

  • Reduce the time required for new service and application creation
  • Boost revenue by rapidly rolling out new applications
  • Avoid the need for custom code when rolling out tiered and personalized service packages using premade templates and customized portals

Feature and Capabilities

This modular solution comprises the three service creation modules discussed below.

The Residential Broadband Base Package enables deployment of tiered services and per user quality of service (QoS), dynamic bandwidth allocation, and session usage data record generation. It includes subscriber data management and identity management as well as subscriber account creation and a service selection portal API.

The Metered Broadband Package provides subscriber usage metering, which can be based on overall session usage or application-specific usage. Other features include usage notifications at various thresholds, time-of-day scheduling or exemptions of metering, and a quota management portal API.

The Charging Package provides flexible Charging Detail Records (CDRs) along with aggregation of partial CDRs and correlation of CDRs from multiple sources. You can dynamically charge for services based on real-time rating rules and can enforce real-time or offline charging and policy. Prepaid, postpaid, and hybrid payment models are available.

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