Cisco Interactive Experience Platform

Beyond Information to Engagement

Engage with your customers in a new, personal way with interactive displays. (2:33 min)

Deliver Engaging, Memorable Customer Experiences

Organizations are looking for new ways to engage with their customers. They want to move beyond one-way information sharing to more interactive experiences. When done right, these new, more engaging experiences help companies deliver better service, increase revenue, and gain operational efficiencies.

Deploy an Integrated Platform

The Cisco Interactive Experience Platform delivers an integrated customer engagement platform that brings together interactive applications, rich media, and real-time collaboration. It engages customers in a meaningful way through interactive kiosks and displays. It does this by taking full advantage of Cisco video, collaboration, and cloud architectures.

Here are some examples of how customers are using the Cisco Interactive Experience Platform:

  • Endless aisle - With touch screen interaction, users can view an entire catalogue with personalized coupons.
  • Targeted offers and promotions - Special deals and promotions are offered based on location, schedule, user, or other business rules.
  • Wayfinding - If provides a touch screen map with shops, restaurants, services for airports, and local area wayfinding (to help people navigate from their current locations).

Other examples include:

  • Interactive demonstrations - They show how features work and make it easy for people to interact with the product.
  • Remote expert - Customers can talk to an expert over video, in real time.
  • Online commerce - Customers can quickly purchase from the interactive display.

Cisco Interactive Experience Platform components include Cisco Interactive Experience Clients and Cisco Interactive Experience Manager. The Cisco Interactive Experience Client delivers interactive web applications and rich media content on a scalable platform. It offers real-time collaboration and video assistance with personalized, instant access to content. The Cisco Interactive Experience Manager remotely provisions and manages the Cisco Interactive Experience Clients. And when delivered with Cisco Enterprise Mobility Services Platform, organizations can extend the experience to mobile devices.

Creating New Experiences

The Cisco Interactive Experience Platform is powering industry-specific solutions that engage customers in new ways.


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