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Automated Quotes and Notifications

Don't leave money on the table

Customers don’t renew unless they know their contracts are expiring. We can help. (3:18 min)

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Automate low-dollar renewals

Address the gaps in your annuity sales and make it easy for your teams to close all their renewals, no matter how small.

Cisco AutoQuote, powered by Cisco Impact, boosts recurring revenue by creating low-dollar quotes automatically. It delivers branded and validated quotes direct to customers or partner sales teams at the right time and with the right offers so you can quickly close the sale. You don't need to create quotes. Just use the ones created for you.

Log in to Cisco Commerce (CCW) and search for the AutoQuote number to instantly view, edit, or transact.

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With AutoQuote you can segment your renewal opportunity and automate the administrative quoting tasks, at your established pricing, so you can focus on other sales matters.

You can also efficiently and effortlessly help your customers succeed through Lifecycle Advantage. With automated emails, Lifecycle Advantage nurtures your customers through the entire postsale journey. It creates a positive environment that promotes adoption, streamlines renewals, and encourages purchases of higher-value solutions.