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The Master Collaboration Specialization demonstrates the highest level of expertise with Collaboration solutions. Deliver Voice and Unified Communications solutions to help your customers communicate quickly and effectively and improve customer service while saving time and money.

Master Collaboration
  • Step 1: Pre-Audit Validation

    These requirements will be validated remotely before the onsite audit is scheduled.

    • Requirement Evidence
      Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization Partner must hold the Advanced Collaboration Architecture Specialization.
      Check is done via an internal system validation through the Program Management and Application tool (formerly CSApp) web tool.
      CCIE Voice or CCIE Collaboration Assign individual in Program Management and Application.
      One Project Management Certification:
      PMI Project Management Professional (PMP)
      The partner uploads the certificate into the Certification and Specialization Application.

      Customer references: Documentation to validate five* sophisticated deployments based on specific qualifying Collaboration criteria (see Master Collaboration Customer Reference Checklist).
      Complete the customer reference document, which includes customer reference account deployment summaries, for the five* customer references.
      *Recertification Applications require three customer references
      A Cisco Channel Systems Engineer (SE) reviews the customer reference document and validates deployments. The SE must upload the customer reference checklist into CSApp or sign the copy uploaded by the partner admin. This indicates review and validation of the customer reference checklist.
  • Step 2: Onsite Audit

    After your application has been validated by a Cisco Certification Program Manager, he or she will forward your application to the third-party auditing firm who will contact you to arrange an audit date.

    • Requirement Preparation
      Onsite Audit Capabilities Validation All requirements for the onsite audit are found in the Cisco Channel Program Audit & Policies document. Please prepare accordingly.
      Onsite Audit Demonstration* Be prepared to perform a demonstration as per the Master Collaboration Solution Customer Scenario and Demo Guideline.
      *dCloud is not currently available for use in satisfying the Master Collaboration demonstration requirements because it does not support all Integrated Infrastructure vendors or options. Cisco will continue to evaluate its suitability for future use as additional functionality becomes available.
      Problem Action
      If you are having issues with your online application, or Cisco online web tools: Open a support case
      If you have questions, issues, or concerns with regard to the audit process, demonstration requirements, or other issues related to this qualification: Please contact your Partner Account Manager or Systems Engineer or send an email to
  • Note: If a partner does not remain in compliance with the applicable specialization or certification requirements, Cisco reserves the right to revoke the specialization or certification at any time. Partners must notify Cisco of its non-compliance promptly, but in no event more than thirty (30) days after partner fi rst becomes aware of its non-compliance. Upon receipt of such notice, partner may qualify for an extension of time in which to renew its compliance with the applicable specialization or certification requirements. Partner's failure to provide such notice may disqualify partner from receiving such an extension. If no extension is granted or if partner fails to comply with the certification or specialization requirements by the end of the extension period, Cisco reserves the right to revoke the applicable specialization or certification immediately. Additional information regarding non-compliance may be found in the Audit and Policies Document.