Cisco TelePresence Video Master Multinational Authorized Technology Provider Requirements

For Cisco TelePresence Video Master Multinational Authorized Technology Provider (ATP) certification, partners must fulfill the following defined job role:

Note: Role-sharing guidelines for ATPs are unique and specific for each ATP program. These guidelines are outside the role-sharing guidelines for specializations and certifications. Therefore, a partner can use roles that have already been assigned in one or more specialization or certification program. Role sharing is allowed with another GTPE role in any other Cisco TelePresence Video Master Multinational Program.

Persons fulfilling roles must be employees and reside in the same Cisco theater where the ATP partner is fulfilling the program requirements. Because technology continues to evolve, Cisco ATP requirements are subject to change. Refer to this site often to help ensure that you meet all current program requirements.

The TelePresence Video Master Multinational ATP Program role requirement is as follows:

Global TelePresence Program Expert (GTPE)

The Global TelePresence Program Expert (GTPE) is a senior Executive Sponsor resource in the partner organization that does not require additional training; however is responsible to make decisions and maintain approval for all underlying Master Host and Master Satellite authorized locations.

  • None
Training and Exams:
  • None