Partner Marketing Central Training

Learn How to Activate PMC Services

Learn How to Activate PMC Services

Partner Marketing Central (PMC) offers personalized digital marketing content and services. Learn how to activate campaigns using email workflow, social syndication, and content syndication in PMC through on-demand videos.

Our training videos show you how to activate, set up, and implement core PMC services. After viewing the videos, log in to PMC and get started!

If you need assistance, contact your partner marketing manager or email

Video Title Description
Email Marketing in Marketing Central Email marketing is still a critical component of partner omnichannel plays. Learn how to set up an effective email campaign.
Social Media in Partner Marketing Central Learn how to nurture prospects with social media. Select, launch, manage, and use reporting with our Social Syndication service.
PMC Content Syndication and Web Plug-Ins Partners can share Cisco content on their websites. Learn how to deploy content syndication in Partner Marketing Central.

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