Partner Marketing Central Training

Learn how to use PMC

Time to learn how to activate. Our training will teach you how to use PMC to connect with your right audience, at the right time, with the right content through our targeted services and campaigns.

Here's how it works

Get trained

Use our training videos to learn how to set up, activate, implement, and track core PMC services.


Download our quick reference guide as an overview of PMC services.


After watching the videos and reviewing our services, log in to PMC to get started!

Get started

Intro to PMC

Find out how PMC makes digital marketing easy.

Profile set-up

Update your settings to see the most relevant content and campaigns.

Campaign activation

Customize marketing campaigns to accelerate your marketing efforts.

Uploading a list

Get your contacts into PMC and start marketing to them today.

Activate digital marketing services

Social syndication

Automate customized content to post on your social media channels.

Content syndication

Syndicate the latest product and solution content directly to your website.

Email workflows

Nurture prospects and customers with pre-built, customizable email journeys.

Full Service Activities

Choose a professional agency to amplify your marketing.

Track, score, and analyze

Shared Analytics

Track presales activity on your website and

Lead management

Always-on lead scoring and automatic lead notifications.

Contact Segmentation

Automate contact segmentation and build targeted marketing lists


Measure the success of your Cisco marketing campaigns

Practice what you've learned


Need more support?

Contact your partner marketing manager or email us.