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Smart Software Manager On-Prem

Understand your License Inventory

Smart Software Manager On-Prem can simplify and help secure your license management.

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Highly Secure Management of Cisco Smart Licenses

Cisco Smart Software Manager On-Prem (formerly known as Cisco Smart Software Manager satellite) is a component of Cisco Smart Licensing that works in conjunction with Cisco Smart Software Manager (SSM). It offers near real-time visibility and reporting of the Cisco licenses you purchase and consume while giving security-sensitive organizations, a way to access a subset of Cisco SSM functionality without using a direct Internet connection to manage their install base.

After downloading, deploying and registering to Cisco SSM, you can perform the following functions locally:

  • Activate or register a license
  • See your own company’s or your customer’s licenses
  • Transfer licenses between company entities

Note: On-Prem must synchronize with Cisco SSM periodically, to reflect your latest license entitlements.

Smart Software Manager On-Prem


  • Highly secure on-premises single-source-of-truth license consumption
  • Near real-time license entitlement based on synchronization schedules with Cisco SSM installed base
  • Immediate registration to Cisco SSM