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Plug and Play Connect

Simple. Secure. Consistent.

Ease new device deployments with a zero touch deployment experience.

Supported Platforms

Network Provisioning Simplified

Increase the speed and reduce the complexity of your device deployments with the Cisco Network Plug and Play solution.

Network Plug and Play helps automate the onboarding of new devices on your network by applying configuration settings without manual intervention. With the ease of a centrally managed controller, it reduces the time a new device takes to join your network and become functional.

Learn about the Smart Advantage

Discover the seamless value of a Cisco Smart Account with Plug and Play Connect, which requires a Smart Account during device procurement. With this cloud-based solution, your Cisco devices can securely discover their controller and acquire their configuration. Simply assign a Smart Account when you order Network Plug and Play eligible products in Cisco Commerce. It's that simple.


Improve operational efficiency with a simple, secure, and integrated method for device onboarding. Network Plug and Play is:

  • Unified: One service for automated discovery and configuration of Cisco enterprise switches, routers, and wireless access points
  • Simple: Easy user experience from device procurement to provisioning
  • Secure: A highly secure, scalable, seamless, and zero-touch deployment experience
  • Flexible: Automated and centrally-managed remote device deployment from an on-premises controller or Plug and Play Connect, depending on your needs.

Resources and Tools:

The resources and tools in this section have been created to help you manage your Cisco Connect portal.

Software Central

Create and manage your Smart Account and Plug and Play Connect.

Cisco Commerce

You can assign a Smart Account when you order Network Plug and Play eligible products.

Additional Resources

For more information on Plug and Play Connect, as well as access to on-demand training, read on.