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About Plug and Play Connect

Plug and Play Connect Network Provisioning Simplified

Increase speed and reduce complexity of device deployments with Cisco Network Plug and Play.

Automate onboarding of network devices and apply configuration settings without manual intervention. A centrally managed controller reduces the time devices take to join a network and become functional.

Learn about Smart Advantage

The seamless value of a Cisco Smart Account with Plug and Play Connect requires a Smart Account during device procurement. This cloud-based solution can securely discover controllers and acquire configuration. Assign a Smart Account when you order eligible products in Cisco Commerce. It's that simple.


Improve operational efficiency with a simple, secure, and integrated method for device onboarding. Network Plug and Play is:

  • Unified. Automated discovery and configuration of Cisco enterprise switches, routers, and wireless access points
  • Simple. Easy user experience from device procurement to provisioning
  • Secure. A highly secure, scalable, seamless, and zero-touch deployment experience
  • Flexible. Automated and centrally-managed remote device deployment from an on-premises controller or Plug and Play Connect.

PnP Connect components

CCW order

Cisco Commerce Workspace (CCW) is the single, integrated, end-to-end workspace for all business transactions to register, deal, quote, configuration, price, and order Cisco products, software, and services. CCW can be used to look up:

  • Order (shipping ) status
  • PAK numbers
  • SKUs
  • Invoices

Use the CCW to lookup Customer License Orders and verify entitlement.

Customer SA

A Smart Account is a customer or partner managed account that provides full visibility and access to Cisco software licenses and equipment.

How can a Smart Account help my customer?

  • Easily track software and hardware assets.
  • Manage, organize, and move software in a centralized environment.
  • Optimize software investments by quickly identifying unused licenses.

PnP Connect (devicehelper)

Devicehelper is a PnP service that Cisco devices such as routers, switches, and access points, communicate with to get controller information as a last resort when the device fails to find a local on-prem controller.

Devicehelper interacts with IT service to get controller information, communicating using secure connection and an authentication token.

Cisco DNA Center

Cisco DNA Center provides an open extensible platform that customers and partners can use to create value added applications that build on top of native capabilities.

Leverage the Cisco DNA Center to enhance the overall network experience by optimizing end-to-end IT processes, Total Cost of Ownership (TCO), and develop new value networks.

Training and insights

Smart Account overview

Smart Accounts let users view and control access to Cisco software licenses, PnP Connect access, and entitlements.

Accessing virtual account

Customers can create virtual accounts that reflect their organizational departments, then associate licenses and devices with those departments.

Manage Smart Account Users

From Smart Account portal, users with specific roles can be added, deleted, or modified on the respective virtual account(s).

Controller profile creation

Controller profiles with specific parameters are created manually.

Devices creation on portal

Devices are uploaded to the PnP Connect portal after CCW ordering, or they are manually created.

Smart Account integration

Recording PnP Servers (APIC-EM or Cisco DNA Center) on a Smart Account.