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What is IT Consumption Financing?


IT consumption models help align future payments to actual usage and allow you to scale your business needs based on demand. We know you no longer want a static technology investment plan because you are consuming technology differently and want to pay for it differently, too.

Why choose IT consumption financing?

Consumption financing allows you to combine the privacy of on-premise data centers with the elasticity of the cloud. Pay only for the portion you consume, retain control, and plan ahead with confidence as your business needs change.

You can consume technology as you need it and minimize the risk associated with add-ons and upgrades. Additionally, get cloud-like pricing and the flexibility to purchase on a per Terabyte, per server, per port, and per virtual machine basis.

How does IT consumption financing work?

  • Pay only for the portion of compute, storage, switching, routing and security you consume and simply adjust capacity up and down as needed
  • Additional buffer capacity is billed on a predetermined, price-per-unit basis only if the buffer is used
  • Usage is monitored daily and billed on a periodic basis
  • Quarterly fixed cost with no hidden charges or backdoor fees

IT consumption financing benefits:

Burst demand

Meet expected seasonal or periodic burst capacity needs above and beyond the consistent or normally required capacity.

Evolving needs

Be prepared for unknown or unpredictable growth without the financial commitment.

Time to delivery

Unable to deliver requests in a timely manner? Improve the time to satisfy requests for additional capacity.

On-premise cloud

Get the privacy, security, regulatory, and compliance benefits of an on-prem private cloud with the benefits of a public cloud.

Lower operational risk

Reduce the operational risk of adding additional capacity, such as physical touches, coordinating maintenance windows, and constantly performing upgrades.

Test, dev & QA

Easily access occasionally used environments that often require capacity on a periodic basis, such as test, development, and quality assurance.

Shared service

Leverage an initial capacity requirement to build out a shared service of that technology for others to use on an as needed basis.