Cisco offers several ordering solutions. Based on your business needs, one or more of these solutions can be used to buy Cisco products and services directly. Find out more:

Internet Commerce Tools Overview:
Cisco leads the way in providing the most comprehensive suite of internet commerce tools designed to make ordering easy for our direct customers.

Registered direct purchase customers, please login using the login link at the top of this page and navigate to the Ordering home page to use Cisco Internet Commerce tools.

Order Through an Online Partner:
For customers at small and medium sized business who want the convenience of online ordering.

E-Procurement Ariba Punchout
Facilitates seamless transactions between your organization and Cisco Systems utilizing your e-procurement system.

Ordering Tool
Enables online submission of orders for Cisco products, offering advanced configuration features and comprehensive billing and shipping options.

Integrated Commerce Solution-XML:
Cisco Systems is leading the industry in next-generation e-commerce by enabling trading partners to manage the flow of information and resources they need for timely procurement and delivery of goods-all within a secure, open and standards-based environment. This highly scalable solution is based on RosettaNet standards and XML technology (eXtensible Markup Language) and leverages the public Internet infrastructure.