Internet Commerce Benefits - Order Direct From Cisco

Cisco Systems offers robust Internet Commerce solutions that help you manage your business online and increase your productivity. If you have a purchasing relationship with Cisco, this comprehensive set of applications is available to you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

When processing transactions with Cisco, our Internet Commerce applications give you immediate access to real-time Cisco database information, including updated product availability and pricing.

Here is a quick snapshot of the benefits you get with the Cisco Internet Commerce suite of applications:


Easy, Accurate Order Setup

Pricing Tool
Retrieve real-time pricing information for a particular product or an entire order. The Cisco Pricing Tool retrieves information right out of the Cisco database to ensure accuracy.

Dynamic Configuration Tool
Identify all available options for your Cisco product by using the Cisco Dynamic Configuration Tool. This application allows you to configure Cisco products online and use dynamic error-checking functionality to ensure that your configuration is accurate.

Lead Times Tool
Plan your order in advance by checking the "build time" for the product you want to order.


Submit Your Order Anytime, Anywhere

Ordering Tool
Place your order with speed and accuracy. Using the Cisco Ordering Tool allows you to configure, price, and submit your orders directly to Cisco via the Internet, ensuring immediate and accurate order processing.

Change Order Tool
Change your order, anytime, from anywhere. The patented Cisco Change Order Tool allows real-time access to previously submitted orders, allowing you to change almost anything and submit the request to Cisco. Most changes are handled automatically and instantaneously by the system. Those that are not automatically applied are intelligently routed to a skilled order management representative for processing.

Submit Returns Tool
Submit your returns online. The Cisco Submit Returns Tool enables you to return products to Cisco through the Web.


Real-Time Status on Demand

Order Status Tool
Keep up-to-date on your Cisco orders by checking their status online. A simple query with the Cisco Order Status Tool gives you access to real-time status of your Cisco order or return. You can also run reports containing the current status of all of your Cisco orders for a specified date range.

Invoice Tool
View an online copy of your invoice. Through the Cisco Invoice Tool, Cisco displays all invoices of record online to make your ordering experience easy and seamless.

Aged Account Summary Tool
Summarize your Cisco business. The Cisco Aged Account Summary Tool provides the current status of all your open invoices, credits, debits, and unapplied cash at any time.

Service Contract Tools
Manage your service contracts on the Web. The Cisco Service Contract suite of tools gives you information about maintenance, warranties, and service coverage areas.

Notification Tool
The Cisco Notification Tool delivers order acknowledgments, pricing, shipment notifications, change requests, and invoice notifications to you via fax or e-mail.


Improve Your Productivity

Using the suite of Internet Commerce tools at Cisco, you can directly improve the productivity of your organization. Managing your Cisco business on the Web enables quick, easy processing of all transactions, with no manual intervention required, allowing you to process requests at any time, from anywhere in the world.

Whether you are checking status, configuring a product, or signing up for notification, the robust suite of online applications at Cisco will empower you with real-time ordering information while increasing your productivity, giving you the freedom to focus on your priorities.