Product Price - Place Order Support

  1. Go to the homepage and click "Log In" at top right side of page. Enter your user ID and password.
  2. Click Ordering (this will pull up the smaller window shown here).
  3. ClickOrdering within the pop-up window shown above.
  4. When you see the ORDERING page, scroll to “Place Order". Under the “Place Order” section, click Pricing Tool (this will take you to the Pricing Tool page).

    *Note: Trainings, tutorials, and user guides are also located on this page in the left-hand margin.
  5. Once you have read the information under “Important Notices” scroll to “Getting Started”
  6. In the “Getting Started” section of the Pricing Tool, you have the ability to perform one or more of the following actions:
    • Search product prices by Product Family or by Product Number, click on Product Price Search.
    • To view price change history, click on Price List History.
    • To download Price Lists and import them into your database, click on Download.


Price Search by Product Family or Product Number

  1. Click Product Price Search from the “Getting Started” section. You will be taken to current price list search page (illustrated in the screen shot below).

  2. Choose the desired search type, enter the correct product description or product number, and click the "Submit" button. A new window will appear, showing the price(s) you requested.


Viewing Historical Pricing Information

  1. Click Price List History from the “Getting Started” section. You will be taken to the price list history page (illustrated in the screen shot below).

  2. Select you desired option and click "Submit".

If you have further questions regarding the Pricing Tool, please contact the Global Contact Center at 800-553-6387.