Cisco Capital Financing

Grow Your Business Through Technology Financing

Financing provides significant business benefits to companies of all sizes. Following are 10 good reasons you should consider in choosing a flexible financing solution from Cisco Capital.

  1. Conserve cash: With financing from Cisco Capital your cash is not tied up in equipment costs. Financing frees up cash for more strategic investments, or for the innovation required to grow your business.
  2. Preserve credit: Use our financing so you don’t tie up your lines of credit, leaving more capital available for when needs arise.
  3. Total solution financing: With Cisco Capital you can finance up to 100% of your equipment costs in addition to soft costs such as maintenance, software, and services. Subject to some limitations, we can also finance the complementary non-Cisco equipment components of your total solution.
  4. Fixed payments: A fixed monthly or quarterly payment helps you to predict and manage budget over the long term.
  5. Cash flow management: Pay for equipment as revenue or productivity benefits are generated from the equipment, and not before. This allows you to match inflows to outflows.
  6. Flexibility: Structure payments to fit your budget. Cisco Capital offers a variety of traditional and customized structures to meet your needs.
  7. Avoid technology obsolescence: Financing offers you the flexibility to upgrade to new technology to match your current and future business needs.
  8. Off-balance sheet financing: Off-balance sheet financing can help you:
    • Maintain compliance with bank and loan covenants
    • Stay within capital budget constraints
    • Improve certain financial ratios
  9. Purchase and renewal options: Financing provides you with end-of-lease options and ongoing flexibility to return, purchase, or upgrade your equipment as your business requires.
  10. Deferred payments and other benefits: Payment deferral options and further financing offers and programs are available to ensure that acquiring the technology you need is as straightforward as possible.

Download 10 Good Reasons to Finance - At A Glance (PDF - 105 KB) Adobe PDF file

Disclaimer: In California, loans offered by Cisco Capital will be made or arranged pursuant to California Financing Law.