Cisco Refresh

Cisco Refresh Quality Standards

Not just remanufactured. Cisco Certified remanufactured.

Cisco Refresh - Quality Standards

Cisco employs the industry's most comprehensive and proprietary remanufacturing processes. From initial inspection and testing to cleaning and packing, only Cisco - the original manufacturer - can truly remanufacture to the same level that we do.

Leveraging the circular economy, Cisco Refresh products are sourced from Cisco's reverse logistics. From a manufacturing perspective, our products have a low carbon footprint and are fully sustainable.

Why the change from Cisco Certified Refurbished Equipment (CCRE) to Cisco Refresh?

To better align with global industry and Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) standards. Additionally, we want to eliminate any confusion in the marketplace and clarify the high quality of our products. Our products - while being called “refurbished” in the past - are products that are remanufactured and hence we’re moving across to follow the industry standards as only an OEM would.

Cisco Refresh (-RF) Product Snapshot

CCW Acronym



Same as new - Cisco Refresh products carry the same Cisco SMARTnet support options as the equivalent new product. To learn more, visit Cisco's SMARTnet Service page.


Same as new - all Cisco Refresh products are covered for a minimum of 90 days; some products have longer coverage periods.  Our Cisco Refresh products carry the exact same warranty terms as new. To learn more, visit Cisco's Product Warranty page.



Starting at 65% off Cisco equivalent new Global Price List (GPL)



Product has engineering changes incorporated to correct any known product deficiencies such as:

  • Compliance, Safety, or Fire Hazard
  • Operational or Design Defects that cause adverse customer impact
  • Lack of conformance to product's technical specifications



Valid licensing from Cisco. To learn more, visit Cisco's End User License Agreement page


No cosmetic defects on visible surfaces.  May include minor imperfections on base and back.



Packaged to the same as-new quality standards using foam protected packaging and anti-static wrapping.

Shipping / Lead Times

Our product lead times are 3 to 7 days (if in stock) or 30 +/- days (if needing to be remanufactured).