Cisco Refresh

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You can find Cisco Refresh (-RF) Equipment through our extensive network of authorized partners. To locate a partner, use the Find a Partner tool at right.

Alternatively, you may purchase through select online Cisco partners here. If the product you want is not listed, please contact the reseller directly. If you are not working with a Cisco reseller and would like us to recommend one, please contact us.

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Buying Cisco Refresh (-RF) Equipment is Easy

I Have a Direct Order Agreement

For those select partners or customers with a direct agreement:

  1. Log into CCW
  2. Create an order and check the availability of desired products.
  3. Place your order.

I Do Not Have a Direct Order Agreement

Any authorized partner can sell Cisco Refresh, so placing your order is still a simple three-step process. To obtain remanufactured equipment:

  1. Contact your authorized Cisco partner or use the Find a Partner tool if you do not currently work with a Cisco partner.

    You may also order from an online Cisco reseller. If you are not working with a reseller and would like us to recommend one, please contact us.

  2. Receive a quote from your partner, who will determine product availability and place the order on your behalf.
  3. Place your order. Your product will ship within 24 to 48 hours.

Cisco Family of Remanufactured Products and Services

Remanufactured Products

Remanufactured Products

Find more than 4,000 current and end-of-sale products across all Cisco technologies.

Routers and Switches, Wireless, Security, Storage, and Much More



Same Cisco services and support options as equivalent new Cisco products.

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Remanufactured products carry the same warranty terms that new Cisco products do.

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