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Multi-Year Service Contracts Financing

Making the acquisition of Cisco service contracts more affordable with a low 2.5% rate! (PDF - 2.4 MB)

Multi-Year Service Contracts Financing

In today's rapidly changing business environment, the proper level of service is critical to increasing performance and extending the life of your Cisco solutions. Support your technology needs on your own terms and timeframe-not the ones dictated by your budget.

Cisco Capital is making the acquisition of Cisco services more affordable than ever with an aggressive finance rate of 2.5%. This below-market rate is available on most subscription-based, multi-year service contracts.

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Cisco Capital offers flexible financing solutions that can enable customers to purchase a variety of service contracts, including:

  • Bundled services
    This solution combines a multi-year Cisco service contract with Cisco hardware, software, and services, and equipment from other manufacturers for one easy monthly payment.
  • Maintenance and services only
    You can incorporate equipment not currently covered into a Cisco provided maintenance contract. Services can be financed on a standalone agreement for a term matching the length of the service contract.
  • Multi-year services
    This option provides one convenient process to finance multi-year service renewals. It allows you to lock in current pricing, and helps you to avoid a large upfront capital investment.

Offer Details

  • Acquisition of Cisco services at an aggressive finance rate of 2.5%
  • Multiple years of service at today’s price
  • Predictable and manageable payments
  • Available for U.S customers (excludes public sector customers)
  • Offer valid through July 29, 2017
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Note: This financing offer is for U.S. customers. To find available offers in other countries‚ visit our regional sites: