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Cisco Meraki Cloud Architecture

Your Network over Cloud with Cisco Meraki

Cisco Meraki is the industry’s largest cloud networking service, powering tens of thousands of networks worldwide, and connecting millions of devices. It is an integrated networking platform built from the ground up.

It provides:

  • Centralized management
  • Layer 7 device and application visibility
  • Network control
  • Real-time web diagnostics
  • Monitoring
  • Reporting

without the cost and complexity of controller appliances or overlay management software.

Cisco Meraki products—including high-performance Access Points, switches, and security appliances—are all out of the box.

Deploying the devices does not require training or proprietary command-line interfaces. After deployment, the self-provisioning, self-optimizing systems automatically connect to cloud over SSL, register with the network, and download their configuration, providing instant visibility and control over the entire network via the web.

With Cisco Meraki, IT managers can easily control all their applications and users, configure thousands of devices, run diagnostics, or compile reports with a few clicks—anytime, anywhere. Tasks such as RF optimization and VPN configuration are automated by cloud, while firmware updates and application signatures are deployed over the web. Built-in features, such as multi-site management and automatic monitoring and alerts, simplify management of the data center.

Cisco Meraki cloud platform uses out-of-band management architecture so only management data flows through the Meraki infrastructure. Built on redundant, massively scalable cloud technologies, the platform provides 99.99% reliability and a two-factor authentication process. Each (redundant) network functions normally even if the other is down. It undergoes daily penetration testing by an independent third party, and is PCI Level-1 certified.

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