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Cisco Capital Asia Pacific

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IT Renewal Cycles
IT Renewal Cycles

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Finance Leases - A finance lease is a capital lease, or hire purchase, that allows you to combine some of the advantages of leasing with ownership benefits. At the end of the lease term, you have the right to purchase the equipment, usually for a fixed nominal sum. Finance leases are an ideal tool for cash flow or budget management.

Operating Leases - Operating leases, using either CapEx or OpEx budgets, shift the risk of technology obsolescence and the burden of end of-life equipment disposal away from your business. A projected residual value is deducted upfront from your networking solution cost, lowering your monthly repayments and total deployment costs. At the end of the initial term, you have the flexibility of either returning the equipment, or upgrading in whole, or in part, to newer technology. They offer you the lowest cost leasing option with the added convenience of off-balance sheet accounting treatment of the equipment.

Sale and Leaseback - Sale and leaseback transactions help you migrate to Cisco solutions and overcome the obstacles of legacy equipment and outstanding financing balances. Cisco Capital purchases your existing equipment before leasing back those assets. With this approach, you don’t have to write off existing assets during your technology migration.

Services Financing - Services financing allows you to bundle Cisco maintenance and service solutions together with your equipment financing into one easy and convenient payment schedule.

Technology Migration - Our Technology Migration option gives you the ability to migrate or upgrade to new technology before your current financing term ends.

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