News and Enhancements

Product Upgrade Tool - Recent Enhancements

March 4th 2012
  • The Product Upgrade Tool's functionality has been enhanced to make it more user friendly. Following are the new features added:
    • New PUT UI -
      • Guided Option – Wizard based interface that will prompt you for your current setup and upgrade version being ordered and based on that will suggest the upgrade SKU you need to order - Auto suggested Upgrade SKUs. No guess work required.
      • PUT Link in CCW Workspace – PUT tool can also be accessed from within CCW Workspace by clicking on the “Software Upgrade (PUT)” link from under Create section on main page.
    • Enhanced Error Handling -
      • User friendly – The error messages displayed will tell you the exact cause of the error clearly.
      • Suggested action to take – Will also suggest what action you need to take including URL if you need to go to some specific page or send email.
    • Many to One PAK – Ability to specify if you want to order just one PAK against multiple quantity of the SKU being ordered as long as the product supports that feature.
    • Manual Order Request through PUT -
      • Manual Upgrade Request Form – You can now submit request for manual order to be created by CS Operations in case you have issue with the PUT Tool. This form ensures more accurate and complete information required to successfully create your upgrade order. This form can be accessed from “Put Support – Contact Info” link on PUT home page. Else click on PUT Manual Order
      • CS to process – Once you submit the request via this form, request is sent to CS Ops. Please include accurate contact information – Phone number, email id...
    • Enhanced Access Control and audit re-ordering – Functionality to audit access control violation and re-order of already ordered products against a contract beyond maximum allowable order quantity.