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Personal Data Privacy

How we manage personal data

We are committed to being transparent about how your data is collected, transferred and protected across our products, services, and solutions.  

Privacy data sheets and privacy data maps describe the processing of personal data, or personally identifiable information, by specific solutions.

Protecting personal data across our solutions, products and services

Solution Description Documents    
Advanced Phishing Protection Block advanced phishing attempts. data sheet    

AMP for Endpoints

Prevents threats at point of entry. data sheet data map  

AMP for Networks

Protect your network from malware. data sheet    


Application performance monitoring. data sheet    

BroadCloud Calling Service

Carrier-grade cloud service for faster time to market. data sheet data map  
BroadCloud Hub Service Carrier-grade cloud service for faster time to market. data sheet    
BroadCloud UC-One SaaS Service Carrier-grade cloud service for faster time to market. data sheet    

Business Critical Services

Streamline your IT operations workflow. data sheet data map  
Cisco CloudCenter Suite Allows you to securely design, deploy, and optimize infrastructure and applications across multiple clouds. data sheet    

Cisco Cognitive Intelligence

Security that evolves with networks. data sheet    
Cisco Defense Orchestrator and Cisco Security Analytics and Logging A cloud-based security policy management application that allows the user to manage multiple Cisco security products. data sheet    
Cisco DNA Center The foundational controller and analytics platform at the heart of Cisco’s intent-based networking products for large and midsize organizations. data sheet    
Cisco DNA Spaces Using MAC address-based location data to gain insights into the behavior of end user devices and network-connected objects. data sheet    
Cisco Managed Services Empowering the business with IT. data sheet    

Cisco Secure Sign-On

One secure login, with instant access to your Cisco Security applications and data, so you can get your work done anywhere. data sheet    
Cisco Security Management Platform with Email Security (SMP+ Email) - PaaS A virtualized management and orchestration platform. data sheet    

Cisco Webex Contact Center Service

Transform your contact center. data sheet    

Cloud Email Security

New capabilities to protect your domain. data sheet data map  


Protect users, data and apps. data sheet data map  

Contact Center Enterprise

Deliver a connected digital experience. data sheet    
Crosswork Network Insights A hosted application service that provides network routing analysis, visualization, and alerting on actionable network events. data sheet
Domain Protection Automates the process of implementing the email authentication standard Domain Message Authentication Reporting and Conformance (DMARC). data sheet    
Duo Cisco Duo (“Duo”) is a cloud-based software service that provides customers additional layers of security designed to protect access to proprietary and third party applications. data sheet    
Email Security Appliance An on-premise email security solution that blocks spam and security threats from the Internet and, depending on the features licensed, prevents the accidental or intentional leakage of customer data. data sheet    

Identity Services Engine

Next-generation secure network access. data sheet data map  

Kinetic for Cities

Build a smart city framework. data sheet    

Operational Insights

Command center for operations. data sheet data map  

Registered Envelope Service

Enhanced security and reliable controls. data sheet data map  


Securely connect users and apps with the cloud. data sheet    

Smart Net Total Care

Proactive support for network infrastructure. data sheet data map  

Smart Software Licensing

Simplify licensing across your enterprise. data sheet    

Stealthwatch Cloud

Protect your cloud assets and private network. data sheet data map  
Stealthwatch Enterprise An on-premise software suite providing visibility and security analytics that leverages enterprise telemetry from the existing network infrastructure. data sheet    

TAC Support Essentials

TAC - essential technical support. data sheet data map  

Tetration Platform

Hybrid cloud workload protection. data sheet    

Threat Grid

Understand and prioritize threats faster. data sheet data map  
Threat Response The processing of personal data (or personal identifiable information) by Cisco Threat Response. data sheet    


Build powerful apps. data sheet    


Block threats others can't. data sheet data map  
Umbrella Cloud Malware Feature
(Beta Release)
A malware detection feature within Cisco Umbrella that helps organizations use cloud platforms and applications securely. data sheet    
Webex Calling Service Leverage enterprise-grade cloud calling. data sheet data map  

Webex Meetings

Online meeting and video conferencing. data sheet data map  

Webex Messenger

Collaborate securely with anyone. data sheet data map  
Webex Teams Experience a more intuitive way to work. data sheet data map  

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