New Book Proposal Form - Cisco Press

Thank you for your interest in creating a new book for the Cisco Press library. Use this form to flesh out your new book idea. If you have not yet completed an Evaluation form and would like to receive some initial feedback on your new book idea from a Cisco Press editor before you complete this proposal, please complete the Evaluation form.

Proposed Title: Tagline: (one sentence or less that summarizes the book's mission)

1. Complete book outline

2. Topic Summary
Describe why this topic is of considerable market interest and what problem this book will solve for the customers.


3. Book Description:
How will the book achieve the goals set forth in the mission and Topic Summary? Explain the topic coverage, describe any reference or tutorial features to be employed, note any special features to be included, describe any CD- or web-based ideas that could add value to the book.


4. Target audience evaluation:

  • Job descriptions/titles of the typical readership
  • Any required knowledge/experience assumed
  • Level of experience (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert)
  • Primary audience vs. secondary audiences
  • Size of the market-any quantifiable means to measure?


5. Key Benefits


6. Any current information on the product (if applicable)

  • Installed base numbers
  • Market position of the company/product
  • Competitive products
  • Platforms
  • Current version and any known plans for upgrades


7. Author Bio
One- or two-paragraph bio. Why are you an excellent candidate to write this book?


8. Competitive Titles
List any competitive books published or soon to be published and describe how yours will differ.


9. Planned format
  • Estimated page count
  • Estimated time to complete writing of the book
  • Any special features (configuration examples, exercises, margin notes, chapter-ending tests, etc.)


10. CD/online supplements (if applicable)
Ideas for any material that could add value on a CD. Ideas for any material that could be incorporated onto our Web site to add value to the book


11. List 3-4 potential technical reviewers


12. Author Information:
Full name:


Job title:

Work address

Work phone

E-mail address

Previous publications

Professional societies, certifications, honors, etc.




In general, you will receive a response from the Cisco Press team regarding your proposal within two weeks of your submittal.