Letter To The Editor - The Internet Protocol Journal - Volume 2, No. 1

Letter to the Editor

I just read the September 1998 issue of The Internet Protocol Journal and thoroughly enjoyed it. It was well written with excellent technical detail but more importantly, the contributors wrote in an understandable and organized method. This is not always the norm for good technical resources; so many times it is simply the reprint of a vendor's documentation.

"What is a VPN-Part II," written by Paul Ferguson and Geoff Huston, was a great article which described the various components and methodologies of VPNs. The information and explanation of the Virtual Private Dial Networking implementations, voluntary versus compulsory tunneling, subscriber's perspectives and real world applications clarified my understanding and knowledge on this subject. I also appreciate an article that ends with a conclusion. I have already located Part I of this article and will be reading it soon. There is one comment; it would be interesting to know which vendor when an example is used, regarding specifically the Frame Relay service provider.

The "Reliable Multicast Protocols and Applications" article was useful and informative, including the scaling issues and the information regarding the new reliable multicast protocols. The details of the Pretty Good Multicast (PGM) protocol and how it may improve scaling for multicast was very interesting.

The Gigabit Ethernet book review written by Ed Tittel was one of the most informative and well structured book reviews that I have read, especially in a smaller publication. Thanks for providing three pages for book reviews in a forty-seven page publication. This review provided all the information that would assist with the determination of purchasing the book or not.

I hope you continue to publish IPJ in hard copy. I do read and gather information from the Web like everyone else, but I prefer a physical copy to carry with me if I am traveling or at my home. Thanks again for a great publication and I can hardly wait for the next issue.

-Joe Brannan

Ed.: We appreciate your comments about our publication. Regarding your question about the Frame Relay example, it is our policy to avoid as much as possible any discussion of products, but we encourage readers to contact the authors directly for that kind of information. We certainly plan to continue the print edition of IPJ. We are also developing a companion Web site (at ) that will contain additional information such as glossaries, links to other documents, updates, corrections, and so on. Thanks for writing.

-Ole Jacobsen