Fragments - The Internet Protocol Journal, Volume 12, No.4

Colitti and Kline Receive First Itojun Service Award

The first Itojun Service Award was presented at the recent IETF meeting in Hiroshima, Japan to Lorenzo Colitti and Erik Kline of Google for their outstanding contributions to the development and deployment of IPv6.

Lorenzo Colitti (L) and Erik Kline
Photo: Matsuzaki Yoshinobu

The award honours the memory of Dr. Jun-ichiro "Itojun" Hagino, who passed away in 2007, aged just 37. Established by the friends of Itojun and administered by the Internet Society (ISOC), the award recognises and commemorates the extraordinary dedication exercised by itojun over the course of IPv6 development.

"The sustained efforts of Lorenzo and Erik have tangibly increased the availability of Web-based services that use IPv6, reflecting the Itojun Service Award's focus on pragmatic contributions in the spirit of serving the global Internet's continued evolution," said Jun Murai of the Itojun Service Award committee and Director of the WIDE Project. "The award aims to recognize how important both the development of IPv6 and related protocols and efforts to advance their deployment are to ensuring the Internet continues to serve as a platform for innovation around the world."

The award, expected to be presented annually, includes a presentation crystal, a US$3,000 honorarium and a travel grant.

Lorenzo Colitti, Network Engineer at Google said, "This is a great honour. Itojun is a legend in the IPv6 community, and the Internet is indebted to him. Without his foundational work, none of what we achieved with IPv6 would be possible—we stand on the shoulders of giants. Itojun has been a source of inspiration, and I regret never being able to meet him, to show him our work, and show him that we too shared his vision of bringing IPv6 to the users of the Internet."

Erik Kline, IPv6 Software Engineer at Google said, "It's humbling to be sharing the Itojun Service Award, having achieved by comparison only a small fraction of the impact of his widely influential body of work. For me personally, Google's IPv6 efforts are not just for the Internet and its future, but also a way to honor his vision, dedication, and passion."

More information on the Itojun Service Award is available at:

ISOC Donation to Support Evolution of W3C Organization

ISOC and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) recently announced a donation from ISOC for the purpose of advancing the evolution of W3C as an organization that creates open Web standards. Citing strongly aligned views on the value of an open global Internet and support for the current Internet governance and management model, ISOC pledged to support W3C efforts to implement a more agile, inclusive, and flexible organizational structure.

"ISOC and W3C have worked together for years in a number of areas, and have deeply shared values about the Internet's development," said Lynn St. Amour, President and CEO of ISOC. "Our support to the W3C in their transition efforts demonstrates our commitment to ensuring the Internet continues to be a global platform for innovation. What's at stake is the Internet's openness, which is a critical enabler of new products and services to billions of users worldwide."

"ISOC and W3C have a long history of cooperation and the Internet ecosystem has benefited from our shared yet independent voices," said Tim Berners-Lee, W3C Director. "The W3C staff, Members, and community continue to work on making W3C more relevant and valuable to the Web and Internet communities. ISOC support will allow W3C to evolve its structure to ensure we continue to forge solid working relationships with the increasing numbers of developers and users, worldwide."

The two organizations will continue to operate independently, and will maintain their long-standing, informal collaboration. ISOC's pledge of support is for three years, with both organizations working to ensure progress. A FAQ with additional information is available on both the ISOC site and the W3C site, see and

DNSSEC Deployment in the Root Zone

In December 2009, ICANN and VeriSign began to deploy DNSSEC across the root server system and launched a website that provides information about DNSSEC for the root zone. The website is a repository for the documentation relating to the deployment of DNSSEC, and it includes information such as technical status updates and the full timetable for the deployment osf DNSSEC. See: