From the Editor - The Internet Protocol Journal, Volume 11, No. 3

If you are reading the printed version of this journal you will notice a subtle change in the paper. This issue is printed on an uncoated stock, specifically Exact® Offset Opaque White 60#, a recycled paper made by Wausau Paper Corporation. This paper is slightly thinner, and thus lighter, than the paper we have been using. It is also less reflective and easier to write notes on. We invite your feedback on this paper as we experiment with various solutions to reduce our carbon footprint. As always, send your comments to:

This journal has a long history of covering existing and emerging technologies that form part of the underlying infrastructure for both the global Internet and private enterprise networks. Recent articles have focused on wireless systems such as WiMAX, and we have other articles on wireless technologies in the pipeline. This time, however, we look at optical networking, specifically Generalized Multiprotocol Label Switching (GMPLS) as a technology for next-generation internets. The article is by Francesco Palmieri.

The topic of IP Version 4 address exhaustion has been discussed in several articles in this journal, and is currently being heavily debated in the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs). As we approach the inevitable date when the IPv4 address pool "runs out," we are returning to this topic with several articles. The first of these articles is included in this issue. Geoff Huston sets the stage by reviewing some of the history and answering the basic question of "why" we find ourselves at a point in history where the IPv4 addresses will run out before we have deployed any significant amount of IPv6 systems. In future issues we will follow Geoff's introduction with several other perspectives on this situation.

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—Ole J. Jacobsen, Editor and Publisher