From The Editor - The Internet Protocol Journal - Volume 7, Number 2

The Internet Protocol Journal
continues to be a forum for discussion of current and emerging technologies. In this issue, we first look at
content networking
. One can describe the Internet as a system of interconnected devices, but equally as a collection of information, called
, that resides on a distributed set of
and is accessed by numerous
. Our first article is by Christophe Deleuze.

Engineers are hard at work planning for an eventual transition to the next version of IP—IPv6. We've published several articles about IPv6 in previous editions. This time, François Donzé describes the automatic address configuration feature of IPv6. Of note is also the increasing global support for IPv6 deployment. (Refer to "
" article.)

Our final article returns to our recurring theme: adding security to existing Internet protocols. Because many malicious attacks on the Internet are perpetrated by "spoofing" information in one form or another, it makes sense to look at the
Domain Name System
(DNS), a critical component of the Internet infrastructure. Today, it is possible to create systems which provide fake answers to DNS queries. Miek Gieben explains what is being done to address this issue in his tutorial on DNSSEC, the secure version of the DNS protocols.

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Ole J. Jacobsen, Editor and Publisher

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