From The Editor - The Internet Protocol Journal - Volume 6, Number 1

Even the most carefully designed and operated IP network is subject to any number of performance problems ranging from overloaded links and mis-configured routers to server failures. For these situations, the network manager has several diagnostic tools as options. Geoff Huston gives us an overview in an article entitled "Measuring IP Network Performance."

Voice over IP
(VoIP) is an emerging application, as well as a rapidly growing market. Use of the corporate network or the Internet at large to carry telephone traffic has many advantages, not the least economic ones. A successful VoIP network must not only support IP-based telephones, but also provide a means of seamlessly integrating the IPbased network with traditional telephone networks. At the core of VoIP lies the
Session Initiation Protocol
(SIP) and a few related protocols. Bill Stallings describes SIP in our second article.

Book reviews published in
The Internet Protocol Journal
can rarely be characterized as "controversial." However, when the book in question deals with ICANN, it is perhaps not surprising that strong opinions emerge. Thus, following the review of "Ruling the Root" in our last issue, we received a letter from the author that is included in our "Letters to the Editor" section (along with a response from the book reviewer). I would like to take this opportunity to remind our readers that book reviews do represent the
of the reviewer and should be read in that light.

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—Ole J. Jacobsen, Editor and Publisher