From the Editor - The Internet Protocol Journal - Volume 5, Number 4

In December 1999 we published Part One of a two-part article on Internet Multicast. Some readers have asked "what happened to Part Two?" Finally, in this issue we are able to bring you the second article, "Internet Multicast Tomorrow." Multicast remains a technology with limited Internet-wide deployment, but numerous research activities are underway that may change this situation. Ian Brown, Jon Crowcroft, Mark Handley and Brad Cain provide an overview of current developments in multicast.

If all computer networking was a simple matter of "plug-and-play," I suppose this journal would not exist. Nevertheless, it is encouraging to see developments that aim to simplify configuration of network devices, particularly those that move around a lot. The Zeroconf working group of the
Internet Engineering Task Force
(IETF) has been developing standards for "configuration-free" networks. Edgar Danielyan explains the details in our second article.

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A new important resource is available from the
Internet Society
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Ole J. Jacobsen, Editor and Publisher