Fragments - The Internet Protocol Journal - Volume 9, Number 3

ICANN Ratifies Global Policy for Allocation of IPv6 Address Space

On September 7, 2006, the ICANN Board ratified the Global Policy for Allocation of IPv6 Address Space. This policy provides for the allocation of IPv6 address space from ICANN to the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs).

On July 13, 2006, the Secretary of the Address Supporting Organization (ASO) Address Council (AC) forwarded to ICANN the proposed global policy for allocation of IPv6 address space. This proposed global policy had been submitted to the ASO AC by the Executive Council of the Number Resource Organization (NRO) on June 6, 2006, and adopted by the ASO AC on July 12, 2006. Each RIR community individually discussed the policy and approved its adoption via their own policy development processes.

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IP addressing in China and the Myth of Address Shortage

In recent years, various sources have repeated a myth that the IPv4 address pool is close to exhaustion. Many of these stories also falsely claim that there are fewer IPv4 addresses allocated to China than to some individual US universities. The Asia Pacific Network Information Centre (APNIC) is committed to countering this myth and has published an article in its newsletter Apster on this topic.

Calendar of Internet-related Events

The Internet Society (ISOC) maintains an online list of meetings and conferences, see:

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