From The Editor - The Internet Protocol Journal - Volume 4, Number 4

In a previous article entitled "Analyzing the Internet BGP Routing Table," Geoff Huston examined many issues relating to the operation of today's Internet. In this issue he goes a step further and suggests ways in which the fundamental routing architecture could be changed to solve problems related to routing-table growth. The article is called "Scaling Inter-Domain Routing—A View Forward."

The IP address space is administered by three entities, namely APNIC, ARIN and RIPE NCC. Collectively referred to as the
Regional Internet Registries
(RIRs), these organizations are responsible for address allocation to their member organizations (typically national registries or large Internet Service Providers). Since the IPv4 address space is a limited resource, this allocation has to be done with care, while accounting for the needs of the adress space consumers. We asked the RIRs for an overview of the work they perform. What we received was a joint effort that not only describes the RIR structure, but also gives some historical background on the evolution of IP addressing and routing.

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