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The Gateway EMEAR

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Build powerful connections, learn from other top experts, and grow your personal brand with The Gateway. You will get the latest Cisco updates, product news, and industry insights from our vibrant customer community, while earning points, status, and rewards. Best of all, you can share and discover the technology success stories that matter most to you.

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Cisco customers attending Cisco Connect Sub-Saharan Africa explain the benefits of joining The Gateway.

See why The Gateway is the perfect place to connect with your peers and share IT knowledge.

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Meet Alexander Makarov, an IT leader from Cargill, U.K.

Eduard Schaepman, CEO and Founder of Tribes, a small business in the Netherlands, shares how his company is connecting its growing workforce with Cisco Webex. 

Check out what it feels like to be Enrico Sorge, a cybersecurity expert at Italtel, in Italy.

Meet Michael Martens, CEO of Riedel Networks, Germany, and hear how he was able to solidify his company's business without hurting MPLS sales.

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