InfiniBand and Linux for Open Source Software Development

InfiniBand and Linux

The Linux kernel is a prominent example of cooperative open source software projects, relying on contributions from thousands of programmers worldwide. Linus Torvalds introduced the Linux kernel in 1991, and it serves as the basic platform for systems ranging from large servers to consumer electronic devices.

Cisco leads the InfiniBand initiative, defining a complete Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) driver stack for Linux. Improving on work that began at TopSpin (acquired by Cisco in 2005), Cisco engineers have become the primary developers for RDMA for Linux, delivering more extensive support than for other operating systems. Cisco principal engineer Roland Dreier has contributed 0.5 percent of changes to the Linux kernel, collaborating with more than 150 developers.

Cisco and Linux Users Both Benefit

Cisco is committed to the growth of Linux, and dedicates expertise and financial resources to help the community thrive and expand into new technology areas. This is consistent with the broader Cisco commitment to the open source community, fostering contributions that benefit the industry and consumers.

The acquisition of IronPort solidified Cisco leadership in the information security market and enhanced the existing Cisco culture of open source contributions. Learn more about how Cisco is strengthening the open source community with extensive givebacks. Find Out More