Lowering Integration Costs for Telecommunications Management - Doing Business With Cisco

Lowering Integration Costs

The TM Forum is a global organization with nearly 800 members, including telecommunications service providers, media companies, content providers, system vendors, and integrators, who specify common interfaces between networks and support systems. It collaborates with standards groups to develop protocols, and publishes interfaces under open source licenses.

Cisco developed clear requirements, a common information model, standard protocols for interface transport, and Model-Driven Engineering (MDE) tools, including Eclipse Tigerstripe Project, for the TM Forum Interface Program. In addition, Cisco architects advise on integration technologies like Web Services, Java, and CORBA. Prominent contributors include:

  • Global and regional service providers, including Vodafone, BT, AT&T, Verizon, Chunghua Telecom, and Telecom Italia, which provide requirements and sponsor interface projects
  • Equipment vendors, including Nortel, Nortel-Siemens Networks, Fujitsu, Ericsson, Ciena, and Alcatel-Lucent, which offer expertise on network technologies
  • Systems companies, including HP, IBM, Telcordia, Microsoft, Amdocs, Wipro, TCS, and many others, which bring software skills

TM Forum Members