Cisco, Atmel, and SICS Create Open-Source, IPv6-Ready Stack - Doing Business With Cisco

Wireless media device being used

Julien Abeille and Mathilde Durvy of Cisco collaborated with Atmel and the Swedish Institute of Computer Science (SICS) to create uIPv6, one of the world's smallest open-source, IPv6-ready protocol stacks. Abeille and Durvy's work brings together Cisco expertise in IP networking, Atmel's innovative low-power wireless hardware, and SICS' experience in embedded operating systems design.

This protocol stack was recognized with the Best Poster Award at the ACM Conference on Embedded Networked Systems (SenSys) 2008.

Rob Adams, senior director of the Corporate Development technology group at Cisco, notes that ulPv6 allows vertical industries to provide any device with an Internet Protocol address, even if the device has limited power or memory. Currently, more than twenty companies use uIPv6, which was released under BSD, a permissive open-source license.