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Linux Magazine selects Cisco among "Top Companies to Watch for 2009"

Cisco Named Among "Top 20 Companies to Watch"

Linux Magazine recognizes Cisco's multiple open source initiatives and spirit of collaboration.

Fostering Internet Openness

Learn more about Jabber technology and how it promotes openness on the Internet.

Advancing the Open Source Community through Development and Givebacks

As a long-standing participant in the open source community, Cisco is driving the growth of open source technologies, expanding the development of open standards, and investing resources to provide for sustainable innovation. Our commitment to the open community is visible throughout the company's history and encompasses activities including:

  • Standards development
  • Extensive use of open source software in solutions
  • Targeted givebacks to the open source community

Cisco's involvement in the open community is best illustrated by specific examples of initiatives that demonstrate the value of open standards, open source and open extensibility in the human network.

  • The total lifecycle cost of operating telecommunications networks is many times greater than the initial cost of equipment and installation. Learn more about Cisco's contributions to the TM Forum Interface Program and how this is helping to lower the operational costs of network support and maintenance. Learn More
  • Cisco is a key contributor to the Linux kernel. Joining HP and IBM, Cisco, through its work with the Linux community, has contributed approximately 0.5% of the commits to kernel development. This achievement showcases our involvement in the Linux community and highlights the leadership of our key employees in the open source community. Learn More
  • The acquisition of IronPort solidified Cisco's leadership in the information security market, and enhanced Cisco's existing culture of open source contributions. Learn more about how Cisco is strengthening the open source community with extensive givebacks. Learn More
  • Cisco delivers technology to simplify telecommunications networks interoperability and deployment by open sourcing the Tigerstripe tool, to improve telecommunications providers' collaborative abilities. Learn More
  • Contributions to BGP as a foundation for the Internet. Learn More
  • Open sourcing the Vovida SIP stack for rapid time to market for VoIP applications.
  • Creating an extensible interface between mobility network and applications with the Mobility Services Engine.

Open Standards

Cisco is an industry leader in driving open standards. From investing in the protocols that drove the early growth of the Internet, to developing the standards that are empowering the next wave of collaboration, Cisco works actively across industry standards bodies to promote interoperability and openness.

Open Source

Cisco has actively contributed to the open source community for more than three decades, with more than 40 givebacks of open source software.

Open Extensibility

Opening the network as the platform is the future frontier of service-oriented network architectures that enable applications to run with the network as opposed to simply over the network.

Open Technology

Cisco delivers industry-leading technology to simplify the deployment of telecommunications networks. By making technology available to the broader industry through work with open standards organizations and partners, Cisco offers its benefits to customers.