Network Magic Solutions Supplement

Note that this page is a supplement to the Cisco Privacy Statement. In order to understand the data collection and use practices relevant for a particular site or solution, you should read both the Cisco Privacy Statement and any applicable supplement.

Collection and Use of Information

Network Magic Solutions collect information about the status and health of products and the network and it is transmitted back to us so we may be able to determine how users are interacting with our products and to assist us in improving our products.

Network Magic Solutions automatically checks for updates to the firmware/software to help keep your network running at a peak performance and provide alerts as to the latest firmware/software. The auto-update feature offers the ability to download the next available version in the background. When the file is ready for installation, you'll be given the choice to install immediately or wait until another time. Network Magic Solutions offers the auto-update feature by default, but you can change your auto-update options by choosing Tools menu > Network Magic Options > Notifications.

The reports feature of certain Network Magic Solutions allows you to monitor the activity of computers running the software in your home or small office. You must activate this feature in order to receive reports. If you activate the reports feature, you agree to the following: (a) the Network Magic Solution tracks and monitors the following components and activities in your home or office: network traffic (e.g. megabytes per hour), application usage (the foreground window is tracked and the time each application is in the foreground during active usage of the computer) and internet history. (b) For all computers on which reports feature is enabled, the above information is transmitted to servers at Cisco and/or a third party at periodic intervals while the computer is online. This information is associated and stored with the email address supplied by you when you activated the reports feature. This information is summarized into a formal report and an email is sent to the identified email address. (c) Any computer on the network running the Network Magic Solution can enable any other computer (on the same primary network) to generate reports. When a computer is enabled, that computer shows a notification that it is being monitored. As long as that computer is enabled, each time the Network Magic Solution is started the user of that particular computer will see a notification that it is being monitored by the reports feature. Any computer on the network with the Network Magic Solution installed can enable or disable any other computer from the reports feature. To activate and disable the reports feature, choose Network Tasks page > Control and Monitor > Set Up and View Computer Reports.

In addition, if you contact Cisco for technical support, Cisco may collect and store information regarding your network configuration and usage as part of the technical networking support provided to you. As part of our technical support procedures, the Cisco support representative may ask you for Personal Information about you and information about your home network, as well as financial information if there is a fee associated with the support. We record technical support sessions for internal training purposes and retain the recorded sessions for as long as appropriate for legitimate business purposes. You can end a technical support session at any time.

Access to and Accuracy of Your Personal Information

You may make updates or request deactivation of your profile by sending an email to


When you use Network Magic Solutions, you are subject to the applicable end user license agreement. Please see Network Magic help if you have questions about this solution.