Cisco Business Edition 4000 Privacy Supplement

Note that this page is a supplement to the Cisco Privacy Statement. In order to understand the data collection and use practices relevant for a particular product or solution, you should read both the Cisco Privacy Statement and any applicable supplement.

Collection and Use of Information

Authentication and Authorization Information

Cisco Business Edition 4000 (BE4000) includes a cloud-based management portal hosted by Cisco. The registration information that we collect differs depending on the type of user registering in the portal. From Cisco partners we collect their Cisco Connection Online (CCO) ID and a password. We may obtain and use other information related to their CCO accounts, including name and email address. From customer administrators and end users we collect their email address and a password. We use this information to register, authenticate, and authorize users of the portal.

Configuration Information

Cisco partners and customer administrators can input configuration information into the BE4000 portal to configure the customer's on-premises BE4000 device to function as a phone system. This information may include: end user phone numbers, voicemail access PIN codes, personal greetings, user names, phone settings (such as speed dials and single number reach numbers), phone configuration details (such as auto-attendant settings, hunt group settings, paging and intercom settings, and dial plan settings), and network settings (such as IP addresses and device passwords). End users also have the ability to customize their phone and extension settings, including single number reach numbers and speed dials. These details are stored in both the BE4000 portal and on the BE4000 device on the customer's premises.


If a customer administrator chooses to back up customer audio files to the BE4000 portal, end users' voicemails will be archived in the portal.

Usage Information

We collect aggregated information about BE4000 configuration settings so that we can understand feature usage and improve the product. We also collect aggregate statistics per customer, including average time to answer a call, average time on hold, number of calls abandoned, and other similar statistics. We provide this information to customers and partners to help them understand how the service is used.

Partners and customer administrators can also choose for us to collect Call Detail Records (CDRs) containing the caller and callee numbers, time, and duration of each call made. We collect this information so that customers can view and analyze the information.

Securing Information

All information stored by partners, customers, and end users in the BE4000 portal is encrypted at rest using AES-256 encryption. Encrypted Cisco Dynamic Multipoint VPNs using IKEv2 and 2048-bit certificates are used between BE4000 devices and the BE4000 portal. All connections to the BE4000 portal over the web are secured via HTTPS.

Access to the BE4000 portal is monitored and limited to authorized parties.

Updating Information

End users as well as Cisco partners and customer administrators can update their configuration information by logging into the BE4000 portal.

Sharing Your Information

All of the information described in this supplement may be shared with Cisco's technology partner.

Cisco partners have access to information on the BE4000 portal only for the customers that have provided or enabled the partner with such access. By default, the partner that sells a BE4000 device to a customer has this access, but a customer administrator has the ability to disable this access. Authorized partners can access authentication and authorization information (except passwords), configuration information, and usage information for their customers, but not voicemail back-ups.

Customer administrators can enable the ability for end users to send voicemails via the customer's mail server.