Registration Benefits for Cisco Direct Customers

Registered Cisco Customers receive the following additional information and services on

Cisco Support

The industry-leading Cisco Technical Support Website provides online resources and tools to resolve common technical problems:

  • Documentation: view technical information organized into two categories:
    • Product Support provides links to information about hardware and software, implementation and configuration, and verification and troubleshooting for Cisco products.
    • Technology Support provides links to information about planning and design, implementation and configuration, and troubleshooting and optimization for Cisco technologies.
  • Tools: access online tools and resources. In addition to calculators and software downloads, tools are available for troubleshooting, installation, assessment, and service request management. Tools include:
    • Output Interpreter: troubleshoot issues with routers, switches, or PIX security "show commands".
    • Product Alert Tool: set up profiles to receive e-mail updates for the Cisco products you specify.
    • Software Advisor: determine compatibility and feature information for Cisco IOS Software and Cisco Catalyst OS.
    • Software Bug Toolkit: search for software bugs based on version and feature sets or bug ID.
    • TAC Service Request Tool: request technical assistance and check the status of existing service requests.
  • Downloads: retrieve information about software products and downloads, specific file access and releases, as well as software-related technical support applications.
  • Communities and Training: join the Networking Professionals Connection, or attend the Technical Support Seminars and other training opportunities.
  • News: read about current topics reported in the Cisco Technical Support Newsletter.


The Cisco Ordering Site lets customers place and manage orders for Cisco networking products and services via the Internet. Requires a separate Internet Commerce registration.

Customers will have access to various online applications to manage the Ordering process with Cisco. These tools include:

  • The Cisco Dynamic Configuration Tool: a Cisco Systems interactive Internet Commerce application, lets customers search for configurable Cisco products and create a product configuration online.

Other Commerce Tools require a separate Internet Commerce registration:

  • RMA Service Order Tools: view the status of service orders and RMAs, check the Cisco parts catalog, and order service parts.
  • Returns Tool: submit returns for credit online.
  • Status Tool: view the status of orders and returns submitted to Cisco.
  • Service Contract Tools: manage Cisco service contracts.
  • Pricing Tool: access Cisco's price lists using a variety of search methods.
  • Lead Times Tool: check lead times on product orders.