High Tech Policy Guide - Accelerating Broadband

Accelerating Broadband Accelerating Broadband

While people do the work that ensures growth, and markets allow for that growth, it is the flexibility of the networks that allow for the amazing productivity increases we are now seeing.

The reason for productivity increases of amazing proportions and countries and companies better able to succeed in this economy is simple: the cost of bandwidth decreases as it becomes more available. With available bandwidth near ubiquity, productivity could soar. All of the G7 nations, except for the US, now have a national broadband plan. These plans are a road map for building out infrastructure, thinking about last mile solutions and working on applications and content to help drive the adoption of broadband. Countries that are looking to build the infrastructures necessary for 21st Century economic growth would do well to follow the examples of these plans. Further, with current advanced technologies, nations building new infrastructure can "leap-frog" their telecom infrastructure into this new century.