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Every Minute Counts

Fighting Human Trafficking in India

Every 3 minutes, one girl in India is sold into sex slavery. Learn how Quantium and My Choices Foundation, a nonprofit in India, have teamed up with Cisco to help eliminate sex trafficking using Cisco UCS & MapR big data platform.

Not all of Quantium’s analytics solutions are designed to increase revenue. Some are helping to solve social problems, reduce crime, and change lives. For example, the My Choices Foundation, an India-based nonprofit that combats human trafficking, worked with Quantium to develop an analytics application that can predict where and when traffickers are likely to strike next.


  • Had no available analytics to identify places where human traffickers strike
  • Needed a powerful application that could use big data to make a positive impact


  • Used Cisco UCS and MapR for big data and analytics to identify human trafficking
  • Combined Quantium’s analytics platform and local government data to predict trafficking patterns
  • Worked with My Choices Foundation to proactively educate affected villages


  • Successfully using big data to reduce human trafficking by identifying villages at risk
  • Working with nonprofit, My Choices Foundation, to educate villages at risk
  • Proactively reducing number of girls trafficked in villages

We're helping My Choices Foundation use data to make a bigger impact and achieve their goal of putting an end to large-scale human trafficking in India by 2025

Adam Driussi, CEO

Quantium Applied Analytics

Industry: Financial Services, Professional Services

Solutions: Collaboration, Data Center

Region: Australia