Networking Academy Impact - Chile

In-kind contributions

$70.9M USD

since inception, in curriculum, tools, resources, and support to students, schools and instructors



students who took Cisco certification aligned courses obtained a job and/or educational opportunity based on surveys since 2005 through fiscal year 2022

Country digital readiness

Accelerate High

Explore this country's readiness for a digitized future

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current annual students


total students since inception


are female since inception

based on those who identified gender



active instructors


are female

Cisco academies


partner organizations offering Cisco courses

Networking Academy is vital to promoting social inclusion in Latin America through digital skills training and development. Governments across our region value the program’s powerful social impact for individuals, educators, and communities. I am so proud of the work we do in partnership to power an inclusive future for all.

Mario de la Cruz Sarabia
Senior Director Government Affairs, Latin America

Key programs

  • Universidad Tecnológica de Chile INACAP
  • Fundación Red de Academias Digitales, FRAD
  • Fundación Instituto Profesional DuocUC
  • Instituto Profesional Santo Tomas
  • Fundación Educacional Belén
  • Instituto Profesional AIEP
  • Instituto Profesional CIISA
  • Instituto Profesional de Chile

Key partnership

  • Ministry of Education of Chile
  • Country Digital Acceleration –
    Programa de “Chilenas Conectadas y Seguras”

*In-kind contribution and metrics as of end of cisco fiscal year 2022